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About Tarkett

Founded in 1886, Tarkett is a worldwide leader in the flooring industry. We manufacture and sell wood, laminate and vinyl floors for the home in over 100 countries worldwide, as well as providing a broad range of products for professional use. Many of our integrated flooring solutions are part of numerous prestigious architectural references.

Creating the ultimate flooring experience

Our floors make a very real contribution to improving quality of life for everyone who lives, works or enjoys leisure activities wherever they are installed.

They inspire, motivate and provide comfort, wellbeing, security and confidence with a combination of practical, sensorial and ecological benefits - from easy installation and hard wearing surfaces, to diverse colours and designs, to safety and sustainability.


All our floors are easy to install and have unique surface treatments that make them easy to clean and look after and ensuring that they last longer in good condition.


Our floors put quality of life first, with a wide range of colours and designs, excellent acoustics and underfoot comfort. They are an ideal way to add a personal touch to your interior spaces.


We are always improving our environmental performance. We recycle and reuse as much material as possible and design floors that are safe and contribute to better indoor air quality.


Tarkett is a leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing and sustainable product development. Our approach is all about giving customers simple and clear information so they can make the right choice of flooring, balancing their project and budget requirements beside the need for sustainable solutions.



Every year, Tarkett international Design teams explore the emerging colours, textures, materials and life styles inspiring stylists, architects and designers worldwide. From this we are able to enrich our collections of designs to ensure floors that will coordinate and enhance interior spaces with the objects, furniture and equipment used within them.


Mighty Grip has now been discontinued from the Tarkett Range.

Tarkett Ranges that we stock
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