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Why Choose Carpet?

Floor coverings, have become very fashionable, due mainly to the interior design programs on television.

Carpet is a natural insulator, and unlike other types of flooring can provide extra warmth in winter months. Fitted carpets actually increases the insulation level of the room and besides its potential in reducing heating costs, carpet also increases the perception of comfort and warmth.

A carpeted room will absorb and reduce noise levels, soft underfoot, carpet also provides a comfortable, non-slip walking surface and importantly reduces the risk of injury from falls and accidents.

The advances in technology, in everything from fibres to backing, has enabled carpet manufacturers to offer products which are suitable for virtually any residential or commercial setting. Carpet is an exceptional value and is generally significantly less expensive than other types of floor covering.

Carpet is a beautiful home furnishing that can add elegance, comfort and fashion to any setting. Extremely versatile, carpet is available in an amazing selection of styles, patterns and colours. From Twist Piles, or Saxonies, to Natural, Loop Pile Berbers, carpet offers unlimited possibilities.


Choosing The Right Carpet

Before choosing a colour, you need to decide which type of carpet is best suited to your needs.

Will the area you are considering to carpet, be used regularly, for example a Lounge or maybe Hall, Stairs and Landing. If this is the case, then you would be advised to select a carpet which is either heavy domestic or extra heavy domestic rating.

Maybe the carpet is for a bedroom or a lightly used room, and then you would need to consider a carpet with a general domestic rating.

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